Respect for each other, the earth and land

Despite COVID-19 challenges, Unalaska LeadOn team was able to complete some activities and most of the planning phase of their proposed projects. Other activity implementation had to be delayed. The LeadOn Team worked with Unalaska Community Broadcasting to create Public Service Announcements which were aired on the station and reached many members of the community.

“As the young people who are inheriting this island we are trying to raise awareness and create change so our island and communities are healthier and safer.”

-Unalaska LeadOn Team Member

The LeadOn Team was also able to visit the elementary school to talk about taking care of the community, both through respect for each other and respect for the earth and land. Additionally, the LeadOn Team completed a video on recycling before the school was closed due to COVID-19. The team also put together a scavenger hunt, developing a check list including a wide range of activities and starting to recruit youth and positive adults to participate. This event was scheduled for April 12-19 but had to be postponed because of COVID-19. The team hopes to host this activity next spring, but also is working to re-visualize it as a virtual scavenger hunt on a social media platform. The LeadOn team will continue working on this project to plan the best way to implement this fun activity.

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